1. nerwin

    Do you use presets to edit your photos?

    Since the majority of photo edit applications...Lightroom, Capture One, etc have the ability to use presets for a once click edit, do you use them? This is more for people who shoot RAW, but it can be applied to those who also use presets on jpegs as well. I am curious how the response will...
  2. nerwin

    Forgetting to backup my LR preset folder turned out to be a good thing!

    A while ago I had some computer issues and the only way to solve it was to reinstall the OS and I'm pretty good about backing up stuff. My LR catalog exist on my main storage drive and a secondary backup drive and others. I later learned that there was a setting in LR that moves your preset...
  3. A

    Looking for lightroom preset

    Hello! Can somebody tell me what lightroom preset are use in this pictures? Can't found it anywhere. Here are a couple of examples. PLEASE DO NOT POST IMAGES TO WHICH YOU DO NOT HOLD RIGHTS. YOU MAY POST A LINK. Looking foward for an answer! Thanks!