Forgetting to backup my LR preset folder turned out to be a good thing!

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    A while ago I had some computer issues and the only way to solve it was to reinstall the OS and I'm pretty good about backing up stuff. My LR catalog exist on my main storage drive and a secondary backup drive and others. I later learned that there was a setting in LR that moves your preset folder to the catalog folder so now I wont ever have to worry about losing my presets.

    But I completely forgot to backup the presets I had made over the years and that really sucked. It really messed up my workflow. I was bummed. But however, it turned out to be a good thing because I was able to start fresh and really simplify it and make my workflow even more efficient. Before it was an absolute mess. This is what it looks like now.

    I love it when a mistake turns out to be a good thing...

    presets 1.PNG presets 2.PNG


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