1. K

    Ferromagnetic printing

    I've got a project where I need to print a poster-sized picture onto a ferromagnetic surface. Magnets will be placed on the print, similar to placing magnets on your fridge. All metal prints I've seen are on aluminum which is not ferromagnetic. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. nicolasnico

    Screen vs printed: results different?

    hi everyone, Last year, I've printed calendars with pictures I've taken in Kyrgyzstan where I live now. I'm not fully sure, but I think it's offetset printing? (I worked through a company). There's a difference between what I can see on my pictures on the screen and how they appear on the...
  3. Samuel.z

    Start selling prints?

    I just got asked what i'd charge for a print of a photo. I tried to sound as confidence as possible and said that i have to look at the cost and will come back to them later. Then i left contact information and took theirs. I am now trying to figure out how to put value on my work. Since this...
  4. C

    Where to get your photos printed?

    Hey guys, I am new to the photography world and just wanted to ask where to get your photographs printed. Thanks!
  5. M

    Metal Inkjet Printing

    Can anyone recommend a company or service for relatively inexpensive metal substrates already coated and ready to print on an inkjet printer? Preferably that would fit through a Canon Pixma Pro-1. Looking to just order the metal substrate to print on myself. Thanks!
  6. P

    Weird display of color profile (Camera RAW, IrfanView, Windows)

    Hello community, this is my first post in this forum, so please excuse any mistakes! I've registered because of a long-term problem with color profiles and calibration and hope that this forum can provide good tipps... What I did: I bought a Spyder for calibrating my monitor. I do a lot of...
  7. WideAperture

    Saving Photos For Print?

    I have an upcoming shoot for a restaurant and they plan on blowing the food pictures up really huge on banners for the outside of the restaurant. Typically when I shoot, I shoot raw and just save images the normal way from lightroom or photoshop (depending on what type of shoot it is). My...
  8. C

    converting TIFF to PDF

    hey! I'd like to print and sell my photographic work. I'm working with Lightroom and the highest quality I can export is the TIFF format. However, I found this online company that acts as a 3rd party between my website and the printing companies worldwide ( They take care of...
  9. FotoRave6

    Blowing up an image to y X 24ft. (yes Feet)

    I am looking to get a digital image printed onto fabric in the size y x 24ft. y= correct aspect ratio (in ft). What I do not want is the image to become pixelated so I want to maintain 300dpi or better. Is this possible and/ or what do I have to do to the image to maintain clarity?