1. M

    Looking for pro to design & set up Pro Photo Editing System

    (If wrong section, please let me know) I need a professional tech to advise, design, set up, and calibrate a high-end Windows photo editing desktop for me. I have no idea how or where to look for such a person. Used to do such things for myself, but age and disabilities are making it...
  2. alex_ethridge

    What computer should I get??

    Good morning from Southern Alabama! I have been editing my photos on a MAC book air for about a year now and have been pleased with quality, processing, and storage...but I still prefer a windows computer. I have been doing some heavy research on the Surface Pro (latest version) and cannot...
  3. textures4photoshop

    How was your photographer journey from beginner to pro?

    I've recently published an article after consulting with multiple pro photographers and would love to get your feedback about the tips in this article: A Photographer’s Journey Is Never Over Knowing the Rules and When to Break Them In Sports Photography Shoot at 1/500th sec or Faster The...
  4. S

    Canon T3, upgrade or not to upgrade?

    I have had my Canon T3 since it came out years ago. I have recently started to take pictures of strangers and them wanting me to do shoots for them, however I am a bit skeptical and bit embarrassed at the age of my camera, I have read so many posts about people aiming for high end cameras, but...