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    Film developing problems

    Does anybody know why these lines popped up? Its arista edu ultra 100 and those lines I can feel them with my fingers if that helps.
  2. P

    Is my pentex k1000 broken?

    Hello I've had my pentex k1000 for quite some time. My dad bought it for me for me. We bought it from a man at a flea market he said all we needed was a flash. I was under the that I could still use the camera in full light situations I've tried multiple times. All my pictures came out blurry...
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    Problems with developed photos (dots on each photo)

    I developed some photos from my old analogue camera (Zenith) that I haven't used in few years. There are some strange dots on each (particularly on lighter background) - I was wondering what was this caused by? Is it because of an old film I used (I used a few years old film to get the specific...