1. R

    jewellery product photography help

    Hi people , I'm fairly new to the photography game have been reseaching over the past 6 months what I can , but my issue is that I'm doing some product jewellery shots for my partners new business (trying to keep costs down), to get that white background as per website pictures and all I seem to...
  2. P

    My product photography galery

    Hi there, Im 20 years old self-taught photographer. Currently I'm working as product photographer and I would like to hear opinion about my photos from professionals because I havent heard it yet. Am I doing this job right and whar should I change? Any tips and critics are very welcome. Here is...
  3. puregreen

    How to increase contrast/brightness of product photos?

    [Warning: I'm a newbie!] Hi guys. I need to take a lot of product pictures for my blog. I'm using my Canon G5 X (compact) and continuous lighting of 3x 125 W 5500К bulbs in softboxes (which I thought and still believe is enough). However, the photos are still kinda dull so I want to make them...
  4. C

    Pricing a studio photoshoot with clothing company(Help)

    Hello all I need some advice on pricing a 4 hour photo shoot for a local clothing company in Washington. All of the work I have completed so far has been mainly freelance and this is my opportunity to break in to product and fashion photography. I am currently building a studio for them in...
  5. Babera Te

    What kinds of camera strap are you using?

    I'm using this camera strap, which kind of strap are you using and you also feel it is good? Or which kind of camera strap will you choose?
  6. R

    Product Photography?

    I've been contacted to take pictures of a series of tools- I've usually just done portrait photography and this really isn't my forte. The pictures they want- need to look like this: Please do not pictures to which you do not own rights. You may post a link. Fairly simple looking but how do I...
  7. Z

    Studio lighting: What modifier will achieve this look?

    Hi everyone! Does anyone know what kind of Profoto modifier would achieve this kind of look in the studio? I won't have time to test this in the studio so not sure if the standard reflector on the D1's will give a hard/strong enough light. Could something like barn doors or the Pro Fresnel work...
  8. D

    Outfit from above project

    Hello everyone, i am writing on this forum because i am a beginner with regards to everything related to photography, especially product photography. right now i would like to start a little project that consist in creating still life menswear outfits and shoot them from above; my point of...
  9. N

    Product photographer needs help

    Hey there guys. I'm a small business owner, and I'm having real trouble presenting my products online, due to a poor quality images. I hired a professional photographer twice so far, but since I'm outputting new lines of products weekly, the expenses for a photo session add up to ridiculous...
  10. ParkesPhotography

    How to price your product photography

    I am new to product photography and have recently been doing some work for a friend who is going to be using my images on her website for her products, she said that I better get an idea of how much I will charge because once people see her images they could be asking where she got them done...
  11. A

    Catalogue Shoot for dresses in tight Space please recommend a good lens to Use.

    Hi, Everyone hope someone can help me. I am new to commercial catalogue photography I normally use 70-200 f2.8 however the clients I am going to be working with has a bit tighter space and i cannot fit whole body of a model in a shot with 70-200 f2.8 what are other best possible lens to use. I...
  12. erkindemir

    shooting cans with a single strobe challenge

    hello guys. I mainly shoot fashion but i have to shoot lots of cans for a local company, the outcome should be similar like the attachments. it should give this 3d feeling with emphasize on the front details. I have a single strobe with its standart reflector and a photex umbrella with its...
  13. SamanthaHenryPhoto

    White Background

    Hey everyone, I need some help. I am a product photographer and my client wants the product on a completely white background. I can get it mostly in camera but I have to do some post processing. I am using cs6 and I am wondering if there is a way I can have it show me all the perfect white...