1. P

    why is my focus ring not working? trying to use manual focus. i have the 24mm-105mm lens switched from auto to manual. i also switch to viewfinder /video live view and magnify x5 to zoom in and then turn the focus ring but it isn't getting sharper. what am i doing...
  2. B

    Help photographing some "interesting" objects NSFW

    Hey everyone, I'm glad to join the forum and looking forward to becoming part of the community here. I've been a part time product photographer for about 5-6 years now. I currently started a new full time position for a sex toy company as their photographer and retoucher. I'm halfway decent...
  3. R

    jewellery product photography help

    Hi people , I'm fairly new to the photography game have been reseaching over the past 6 months what I can , but my issue is that I'm doing some product jewellery shots for my partners new business (trying to keep costs down), to get that white background as per website pictures and all I seem to...
  4. F

    Snow goggles shooting and retouching PLZ HELP

    Hi everyone, Thank you for clicking into my thread! I am a beginner in product photography and shooting snow goggles product photos. I would appreciate any help/insight. THANK YOU!! I am wondering 1) what studio setting and 2) photoshop tool I can use to make the first photo (front.png) look...
  5. Sarah_Klachak

    Watch_Product Photo

    Hi Guys, i am new to this product photography. This is my first photo, kindly share your valuable comments
  6. gossamer

    Novice attempting product photography

    Hi, I'm not a complete novice, but I've never done product photography in a professional setting before. I have a D500 with a 24-70mm and a 70-200mm, and one SB700 and have been referred by a friend to a pet products company to update their product line. This means taking pictures of dog...
  7. R

    Product Photography?

    I've been contacted to take pictures of a series of tools- I've usually just done portrait photography and this really isn't my forte. The pictures they want- need to look like this: Please do not pictures to which you do not own rights. You may post a link. Fairly simple looking but how do I...