1. Destin

    X-T3 Magenta Cast - Testing

    As some of you saw, I used my new X-T3 to take sale photos of my X-T20 yesterday. I uploaded them after syncing them wirelessly to my phone and making some basic exposure and saturation adjustments (but no white balance adjustments) on my iPhone. They were shot in jpeg with the velvia film...
  2. smoke665

    In The Soft LIght

    Found this beautiful bloom, illuminated by it's own natural spotlight. In The Soft Light by William Raber, on Flickr
  3. Ross Photography

    I'm New Here, What Do You Think?

    Would like to know your thoughts on the image, I love constructive criticism, feel free to edit and show me what you would have done! Frozen Mountains by Marshall Ross, on Flickr
  4. ngcheehan

    Jacaranda in Pretoria, South Africa 2016

    Hi All, as I am new here, first of all I would like to greet all of you in this forum. In this thread I would like to share with you some of my pictures of Jacaranda blooming in Pretoria. It is well known with the Jacaranda blooming during October each year in Pretoria (one of the Capital City...
  5. G

    Is it me or the film?

    I now regret trashing the roll in question and not saving any of the scans, so that I could show the results here. I just found this forum. I developed some color film using the C41 process for the first time. I used a Patterson tank and developed two 35mm rolls at the same time. One roll...