1. floatingby

    Off-road Jamboree

    Trying Dxo photolab 3 to develop raw files, with the hope of replacing Lightroom, I like it so far, what do you think? Shot with a Sigma 120-300mm f2.8 @f2.8, various speed and ISO settings, on a Nikon D850.
  2. Destin

    Motocross Practice

    I'm covering a massive race weekend at a local motocross track soon and decided to go to a practice night to brush up on my motocross shooting skills. Edited on my non-calibrated laptop so the color/exposure might be a little off Let me know what you think: 1.) 2.) 3.)
  3. Tailgunner

    Ice Racing (Nikon D800)

    I don't usually record videos with my DSLR, so be gentle. Anyhow, I was checking out the local Colorado ice races on a frozen lake and the distance was a bit much for my gopros. So I switched from still shots to recording video with my D800 w/24-120 F4. This was shot free hand, so there is...