1. nerwin

    Spring Rain Droplets

    Something about raindrops on fresh grass blades. Its beautiful. Nikon Z6II + MC 105 2.8 VR S spring raindrops by Nicholas Erwin, on Flickr
  2. nerwin

    The difference of a month

    I took these two photos a month apart. Thought it was kinda cool to see the difference one month make from March to April. Nikon Z6II + MC 105 2.8 VR S
  3. nerwin

    Gloomy Spring Day

    I have to admit, this is one of my favorite photos I've taken in a while that is almost exactly what I had in mind so it nice to see it become a reality. Nikon Z6II + Nikkor Z MC 105mm f/2.8 VR S - f/3.5, 1/800th, ISO 200 spring rain by Nicholas Erwin, on Flickr
  4. Rain Drops on a Red Car

    Rain Drops on a Red Car

    Water beads on the surface of a Red Car
  5. photoflyer

    Shooting Rain/In The Rain

    Today is a rainy day here in D.C. and it got me to thinking about shooting photos that highlight or leverage rain in a creative way. Do any of you have examples you would share and also explain the technique you used? I find it challenging but when it works the results can be quite impressive...
  6. nerwin

    Rain isn't going to stop this chipmunk!

    I was out taking photos in the rain yesterday and saw a family of chipmunks eating seed I accidently dropped all over the place haha. But this one in particular didn't care I was really close to him taking photos, he just sat there eating seed. Nikon D610 + 70-200 f/4 VR 1/125th, f/5, ISO 800...