1. Red_Jade

    How to price your photo work (publications)

    Hello friends, I have just signed up today! May I seek your thoughts/advice how to price your photo work, on a per image basis? I am a hobbyist (from the Philippines) and recently requested by a publisher for the use of a photo work for a text book. I wanted to give it for free as the textbook...
  2. B

    How is my photo?

    I just need to know what are the good and bad things in this photo. S7 edge, stock camera app, "Deep" filter Candid
  3. A

    Workarround Rate Button Canon 1DX Mark II

    Hello folkes, i'm a wedding photographer and very used to my old 5D Mark III. I use A LOT the Rate Button but now it's gone. This was a super important feature for me, and my workflow (same day edit, etc..) Any ideas I can workarround this "issue"? Cheers!
  4. jbrunet6

    My first photos

    Hi people, today I'm going to post my first photos (Some of they were taken some time ago using my phne but I think they are cool, the lake one is new) I hope you can tell me what is wrong. Some were shoted in Auto cause I don't know how to manage Manual well enough, I will hang out with a...