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    Worflow & Color Space | Camera > Ligthroom > Photoshop > Ligthroom > Web with Calibrated Monitor

    Hello, I have a problem regarding my workflow and understand the principle of Color space I have a monitor BENQ SW2700PT calibrated with Spyder Pro So I have have another Color Profile Named "BENQ SW2700PT Color Profile,D6500"; than the pre-configured ones (AdobeRGB, sRGB), Windows is using...
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    Nikon D3300 RAW + JPEG

    With the price of the D3300 so competitive, I am thinking about purchasing one with the kit lens. I generally shoot in RAW, but I have read so many good things about the D3300's JPEG mode, that I would like to try RAW + JPEG. My question is: Other than perhaps taking more time to write to the...