1. A Wild Salty Reflection.jpg

    A Wild Salty Reflection.jpg

    There are days when the Lower Salt River shows it's smooth surface while all the while it's traveling at dangerous speeds underneath. The smooth surface produced a beautiful mirror image of the wild horses crossing the river a short distance from me.
  2. Race You Down to the Waterhole.jpg

    Race You Down to the Waterhole.jpg

    Nothing like watching wild horses running with their manes and tails flying in the wind.
  3. Reflections of Fifteenmile.jpg

    Reflections of Fifteenmile.jpg

    A beautiful day spent with the wild horses of Fifteenmile, located in Wyoming.
  4. Reflecting on Fifteenmile.jpg

    Reflecting on Fifteenmile.jpg

    A beautiful day spent with the wild horses of Fifteenmile, located in Wyoming.
  5. DSCN0157.JPG


    Reflections in Lumpini lake, Bangkok
  6. Fujidave

    X100F Reflections

    Far too cold to take a camera out, so a quick indoor playtime.
  7. D7K

    'Mother Nature'

    Now, I know I've not been around on this forum for long, or indeed for a while, but I have been shooting. Had a lot go on personally over the last 12 months and I just kinda shut down. Switched up from my D7000 > moved to a Sony A7ii for like 6 months, sold the lot and re-invested in a D850, I...
  8. T

    Eliminating Reflections on Rounded Product Surfaces

    Hi. I'm a product photography newb. I have a Canon EOS Rebel with an 18-55mm kit lens, a super white paper backdrop, a set of softbox lights with diffusers, and a boomstand. I have a a couple of DIY diffusers and some tabletop lights, too. Things are going pretty well. I've overcome a lot of...
  9. Samuel.z


    I shot this a few nights ago. what do you think about it? in my eyes it is satisfying to look at but i dont know if i like the non-natural look of it. im having divided emotions about this photo. i both love it and hate it
  10. redbourn

    Color from reflector?

    I am pretty happy with this photo and it might be one of my best yet. There is a reflection on the left side of the plate from the table mat. I used two small reflectors to remove the shadows from under the plate. Not sure if there is a way to avoid that or if it's very important. What do...
  11. redbourn

    Last photo of the year- breaded fish!

    Last food photo of the year. Breaded fish with vegetables and olives. I used different lighting and angle in this photo. Want to shoot more photos shooting straight down. Is possible for me but not easy. Either shooting down at food on the floor or putting my tripod on the table. Can...