1. CDAPhoto

    Homecoming Shoot T - Workflow & Doc advice needed pls.

    This evening I’m shooting a homecoming dance and ceremony, was just recently mentioned to me that I would be needed for this event, not giving me much time for preparation… ugh! I’m pretty sure I know what I want to do as far as lighting and equipment goes, but I’ve only shot one other session...
  2. mickben

    Model Release Forms / Contract for Three-Way collaboration involving my LLC

    Hi all - I will be facilitating photoshoots through my LLC and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations around contracting / due diligence. I'll be working with a photographer and a model. They will be doing the shoot and providing photos to me for me to distribute on my channels...
  3. G

    Cable release for Bronica ETRS

    I need help here. I can't find anywhere on what "type" of cable release I need for my Bronica ETRS. I found a forum where someone said that any "standard" cable release will work. What IS a "standard" cable release? Can I just go to Amazon and search "cable release" and buy any one of the...