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Cable release for Bronica ETRS


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Aug 19, 2015
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I need help here. I can't find anywhere on what "type" of cable release I need for my Bronica ETRS. I found a forum where someone said that any "standard" cable release will work. What IS a "standard" cable release? Can I just go to Amazon and search "cable release" and buy any one of the number that pop up?
20 inch Locking Shutter Cable Release for Bronica ETR ETRS ETRSi SQ SQA SQAi

A "standard" cable is often called a screw-in type. This was used on hundreds and hundreds of different camera models and shutters for large format lens shutters, for literally, decades. There are locking types, and non-locking, and also varying lengths. Look for the T-shaped button-pushing end, the skinny cable, and then the tapered, threaded end that threads down into the shutter's release button. This is a very,very commonly sold accessory. e-Bay has lots of them! So, no worries!

Some cameras used what is often called the "screw-over" type, which has a larger collar that threads "over" the release area (Nikon F for example). There are also electronic releases. You just need the old-school screw-in or standard cable release.
Perfect!!! I'm ordering it now. You were a huge help! Thanks!

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