remote triggers

  1. Thomas Cross

    Lighting Kit Advice. I have $2000!

    Help! I am new to studio photography and I want to buy a lighting kit from B&H or some other shop and get started on photographing people! I don't exactly have any idea on what I am doing, and I hear that a 3 light or 2 light monolight setup with a softbox is standard for portrait and full body...
  2. Dionysus

    Paul C Buff/Cybersync Triggers + CyberCommander Transmitter (selling indiv or bundle)

    1. I have two wireless triggers from Paul C Buff, they are Cybersync Triggers the exact model is CSRB+, which means they are powered by two AA batteries. Batteries last a long time in these, and its a lot more convenient than AC powered if you do a lot of work on the road away from outlets. One...