1. H

    My Olympus OM30 won't shut off when the switch is in the "OFF" position?

    I recently replaced the switch on my Olympus OM30 which allows the user to switch through different camera modes such asbulb, manual, auto and battery check. Before i swapped the switch the camera was stuck in the auto position even when switched to any of the other modes like bulb etc. After...
  2. Matt Friedman

    Focusing screen repair/replacement options

    I just acquired a new (to me) Minolta XD-11. I love the XD-11, and this is my third and, by far, the best condition. It's super-clean, the metering is flawless, and the leatherette is like-new. The only problem is that the focusing screen in as dirty as hell -- in fact, it seems to be damaged...