ricoh grii

  1. Fujidave

    Fun with the Ricoh GRII

    Just some graffiti taken with the GRII camera. 1 In need of a Haircut by Dave, on Flickr 2 Colourful Face by Dave, on Flickr 3 The Robot by Dave, on Flickr 4 Pretty Smoker by Dave, on Flickr @waday for you mate, one handed shots and edited the Raw files.
  2. Fujidave

    The Runner

    @waday might like some that are on my Flickr. Today was the Brighton Marathon, so after helping Mum I shot off in to town with my Ricoh GRII and had it set to High Contrast and I love these B&Ws. The Runner by Dave, on Flickr
  3. Fujidave

    Jazz with Ricoh GRII

    I have many to edit from last nights Jazz gig in town, this was taken with the new Ricoh GRII and not too bad for 3200 iso. Abi by Dave, on Flickr