More Fall Colors: Great Falls, VA [6 Pics]

    Managed to get out there for about the last 15min of sunset before the rain moved in. I think we're in peak colors right now, but I like that the weather helped mute things a little. All shot on a Nikon Z7 II w/ a 24-120 f4 S, and a 14-30 f4 S, and K&F Concepts ND filters. I really like their...
  2. theLincster

    Jessica - Cold River (CC)

    I took this picture back in 2014, I think, and has been one of my favorite images I've shot since. However, when I've shared it online I tend not to get much feedback on it, as if it isn't received well. The picture required nothing more from the model than a look of vulnerability, which I...
  3. Mike Hernandez

    Baby Ducks in the Shore

    Three little ducks in the shore of the Indian River in Melbourne, Florida
  4. n8photos

    Spring Runoff

    I am a hobbiest when it comes to photography and have discovered that the side benefit is it gets me away from my desk and outside. Lurked on this site for a couple of days and thought why not see what others think. Never shared any pictures publicly and looking for any feedback.
  5. ßerto

    The river

    This is the river Miño, the border between Spain and Portugal. The weather is atlantic, and this the area with more rain in Europe,here is normal the fog, more than than London! Rio Miño by Humberto Blanco, en Flickr Thanks for your comments! Berto
  6. JoL

    The Mystic Pier

    This is the pier at Torbert MacDonald Park, Mystic River Reservation in Medford, MA. Always thought that this would make a nice subject but wasn't quite sure as to how to put it in the right light. Taking away the light altogether and shooting it at night has been the most successful approach so...
  7. Starskream666

    Not posted in a long time, Morning Fog Brings Visitors

    Hi, was really happy with how this turned out (which is rare for me) the morning fog was hard to see through but after some curves altering in lightroom, i hit this. Thoughts?