1. B

    SB-700 zoom head position issue

    Hi, I have an SB-700 with a problem I can't solve, so I'm hoping for some feedback. The Zoom head is set on manual & I'm trying to set to "Power Zoom setting". I've followed the instruction manual but when scrolling through the prompts on the flash by pressing the Zoom button, the option to set...
  2. gossamer

    Profile pictures in low light

    My first attempt at this post failed to get posted properly for some reason (despite "draft saved"). I have a D500 with a 14-24mm f/2.8 and an SB-700 in TTL mode and trying to figure out the best way to navigate environments with very low light. This picture was taken in manual at f/4 ISO 1250...
  3. Timppa

    Sb700 or Sb910

    Hi! I wanted to continue another thread of mine that went bit oftopic (from lens to flash). I want to buy my first flash, I have read so much about the sb700 and 910 , I don't know what to choose! I can basicly get them for the same money (used, around 200eur). So, money is not the problem. The...
  4. gossamer

    Using flash outdoors

    Hi, I have a D500 and was using my 24-70mm 2.8 and my SB700 last night to take profile pictures. I dialed back the flash output, to between -0.7 and -2.3 but some of the pictures looked like the light was too harsh. (I wish I was better at reviewing the pictures in the field, but can't always...
  5. 2

    Smallest possible TTL & HSS (Auto FP) flash for Nikon

    Hi there everyone, I'm currently looking for the smallest possible flash with the least possible weight, to be able to hold in my left hand for fill-flash in the evening. But for fill-flash during daytime, I really need it to be HSS enabled. I've tried Meike 320 for Nikon, unfortunately it...