1. nixgeek

    3/4 of my sb910's are misbehaving. Any idea ?

    UPDATE: This was down to my muppetry. I had it on modelling instead of flash. Thank you all so much for your help! Hi, I hope this isn't off-topic. I've just had that sinking feeling when I went to get my Nikon SB910 speedlights out of the cupboard and 3/4 of them won't test flash. It seems...
  2. E

    SB-910, Nikon D750 + Studio Slaves - HELP!

    I am trying to use my SB-910, Nikon D750 & two studio lights on slave mode. I want just the studio lights to flash and not the SB-910. I have tried a couple different settings and can't seem to get the right combo! So I kind of just want the SB-910 to be the commander. Thanks