1. RacePhoto

    Photoshop Circle Crop Question

    I hope that defines it enough to be specific from the world of Photoshop questions? :encouragement: I going nuts and searching and I'm probably just missing something obvious, but I'm trying to crop a circular object, and get a perfect circle, only of the object. (or make it a circle from an...
  2. L

    Konica Minolta Dimage Dual Scan IV - 35mm Film Trays

    I'm doing a B&W 35mm photo essay and I busted out my old Konica Minolta DiMage Scan Dual IV film scanner, but I don't have the 35mm film strip or the 35mm slide holders for it! I've tried tracking down replacements on the internet with absolutely no luck. From what I understand, the slide...
  3. G

    PanaScan 120 Scanner

    Has anybody used the PanaScan to scan 120 film? My old scanner finally crapped out (I didn’t have the right software on my new OS and I searched and searched for it online with no luck). I bout the PanaScan on eBay and the users manual comes in a CD format, which my new laptop doesn’t have...
  4. TWX

    Found some historical slides

    Long story short, found some historical color slides from the sixties and seventies, including of when one of the local high schools burned down. The unknown photographer managed to get on-scene while the place was ablaze and managed to get access in the aftermath, plus of construction of the...
  5. E

    CREO/ Kodak IQsmart 2 Scanner FOR SALE

  6. W.Fovall


    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD -------------------------------------------- Pacific Image PrimeFilm 7250Pro3 Film Scanner Pacific Image PrimeFilm 7250Pro3 Film Scanner PRIMEFILM Selling this, I scanned my 1,200 slides and now I'm done with it, worked great. $160.00 obo shipping...
  7. B

    Rapid Photo Scanner Beta Test Opportunity

    Hello! I am looking for a few people to participate in a beta test we are running for a client of ours and I think your members may be interested. We specifically need "advanced amateur" photographers (French Canadian speaking and/or primarily use a Mac computer) that have 5,000+ printed...
  8. G

    Scanning film and film holders

    I just got some film back from the lab, and I'm trying to scan it on my Epson V550. The film is so curled that it is almost impossible to get it to even stay in the holder. What's the story on the focus for these flatbeds? I tried to order something called an "Anti-Newton Ring Glass" for my...