1. P

    Poll - Would you pay to enter???

    Hi everyone. I know I'm not the only one that is tried of trying to find new places for great scenery and backgrounds for outdoor photography. Especially ones that don't get you kicked out of. I know most photographers don't want to have more out of pocket expenses than necessary but at the...
  2. jaimemiller

    Would Love Your Feedback

    I'd love feedback about my photography that I have at I'm an amateur and been at it for almost 1 year. I've sold a couple of prints. Seems like I can't upload my photos to this section. ?
  3. I


    I just joined this forum and do not quite understand how it works. I want to contact experienced nature photographers because I need a few high quality pictures for my work. I am doing ceramic tile murals. Currently I am looking for a few beautiful nature pictures especially colorful waterfalls...