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    I just joined this forum and do not quite understand how it works. I want to contact experienced nature photographers because I need a few high quality pictures for my work. I am doing ceramic tile murals. Currently I am looking for a few beautiful nature pictures especially colorful waterfalls without people (one naked girl is okay). I cannot use pictures from Internet since after even professional enlargement they look real bad. Pictures must be in the range of 200-350 resolution and made by professional camera (not necessarily full frame camera, but a good one.) Those of you who specialize in nature photography, should contact me for further discussion. And those who just know that kind of photographers, please, give them my e-mail address ( and tell them that there is one crazy guy, who wants their beautiful pictures to buy or to barter. Any advice or suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Welcome to the forum. This forum (The Photo Forum) is, obviously, one for photographers to post images, ask questions about hardware and software, discuss image processing and a lot of other things related to photography. I am not sure if folks are selling their images, but, perhaps if you found one you liked, you could contact the original poster and find out if he/she are willing to sell it.

    Alternatively, have you tried looking at images that are available from stock photography agencies like Shutterstock and Getty? You will also find a lot of potential images if you Google "waterfalls photography for sale". Also, I believe that you can search Flickr and maybe other "image posting sites" using the keyword "waterfalls" and that should bring up any such images posted by its members. I have a an image or two on my own Flickr site - 20160603-_A4Q6721-Edit . Is this what you are looking for? I also have a number of other images of falls along the Columbia River gorge in Oregon in my image collection that are unpublished. Let us know what sort of "waterfalls" pictures you are looking for and how many.


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