1. seleniumcell

    Is it the rear screen or the motherboard that is bad on D300S?

    Blue backlight glow appears when Play, Menu, or LiveView are selected. Goes away when it should. HDMI out displays menus and images. Otherwise, camera functions normally. I got this camera cheap and can return it to owner or could decide to keep and fix it. New rear display is "keep". New...
  2. G

    Canon A-1 - Smudge(?) beneath focusing screen

    I can't seem to get rid of this smudge. To me it seems it's on the other side. Is it possible to remove this? Thanks.
  3. Lan4u

    Bigger and Better Screen For D300

    I have been finding that the screen on my D300 is a bit to small and is hard to see in daylight, I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for a screen that can be connected to my D300 that is not super expensive. I am quite new to photography and any help given would be great.
  4. nicolasnico

    Screen calibration (Spyder5)???

    Hi there, I have a AOC screen i2769VM, calibrated today with Spyder5 Elite. Yet, I'm not satisfied of the result yet. It's not bad, but colors looks maybe a bit yellowish (reddish), and it seems too dark. Now, my picture looks better on my Android screen. Any advice, feedback, thought...
  5. jamiebonline

    Tilting Screens: Do we need them?

    Hi everyone I have had a couple of cameras over the last year. The Sony A5000, A6000 and D7000. The older Nikon, no tilting screen but the Sonys, yes. I remember at the time reading how people think the tilting screens are a ''consumer feature''. Generally I hate labels for photographers. I...