Bigger and Better Screen For D300


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Jan 3, 2017
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I have been finding that the screen on my D300 is a bit to small and is hard to see in daylight, I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for a screen that can be connected to my D300 that is not super expensive. I am quite new to photography and any help given would be great.
That may have been what I was looking for I did not know that they exist thank you.
That's a pretty handy item to have. I have a lot of issues with my eyesight and glare when shooting outdoors and I can see how this could be handy. Makes me wonder about all of the other photo gadgets I don't know that I need.
I tend not to use the rear screen on my D200. If you are new to photography you might want to spend a week taking pictures without using the rear screen.

I do have my Recent Settings menu set up so it does not change, so the 14 items I placed in it are always there in the same spot. Even then it is only the first 4 that I change with some frequency and it hardly requires looking at the screen to make those changes.

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