1. NGH

    Pet Selfies

    My local Vet has a Phone App (I guess everyone has an App) and on it they have a sort of rolling gallery of Pet (mostly dog) photos. This week I noticed that it is accompanied my the text "Send us a selfie of your pet to be featured here" Surely they mean Portrait of your pet as I am not aware...
  2. P

    How do you take great photography of yourself?

    my aim is to take great photography with myself (the subject) in it most of the time to upload on blogs, social media, etc. I know i can mount it on tripod and then hit the remote or do a self timer but is there another easier way? for eg. say i am the swimmer. I want to take a shot of my head...
  3. J

    Shutter cord or string pre-1900s

    Hello, all. I'm hoping you might be able to help with a question I have about pre-1900s camera shutters. Question: Before 1900, could a photographer take a photo of themselves alone (without a mirror) with a device like a shutter release cord/string or even a timed shutter? A few notes: - I...
  4. Lucienel

    Hello from Hamburg!

    Hello everyone! I'm Lucie and I'm new here. I would like to introduce myself and my work. I like mainly nude and documentary photography, sometimes I experiment with autoportraits (the attached photo is a selfie). You can use these links to see more photos of mine. If you decide to follow me or...
  5. footballfan993

    Taking a good group selfie?

    hi, so I'm celebrating my family Christmas with my family tomorrow and I am wondering what is a good way to take a group selfie, with myself in the shot. Should I use manual mode or set it up on automatic? My equipment is a canon rebel t5, I have a tripod, and reflectors I have a 50mm 1:1.8 II...