1. M

    Camera Appraisal Help

    Hello, Can anyone guide me to the best person/company that can appraise cameras? I have a large quantity of cameras (film, digital, video) and lenses and other equipment that need to be appraised and sold. Does anyone have any recommendations beyond KEH Camera? Thanks!
  2. A

    Want to Sell Film Camera

    Looking to sell my Nikon N75b 35mm film camera. Comes with a Nikon ED AF Nikkor 28-200 mm lens, plus Tamron 62 mm UV filter. I realize this is a dinosaur that isn't worth what I paid for it but it is in excellent condition and I'm not using it. I also have an Olympus OM 10 that needs some...
  3. S

    Film Camera?

    I've been really interested in Film Camera specifically the Nikon F3 but don't know where I can get one. Can you tell me where can I get a Nikon F3 film camera? If you have one are you willing to sell for an affordable price?
  4. nicolasnico

    Selling pictures & post-processing?

    hi everyone, my question: if I sell my picture (or give them), does the person who buys (receives) the picture has the right to edit the picture in post-processing? In my opinion, one you've post-processed your own picture, you have the right to tell others not to change it and make it look...
  5. W

    Suggestions selling Nikon D60

    Taking suggestions how much to sell for and where. The dad is wanting to get rid of his d60 bundle. Equipment all in very good condition. Pictures of all included in package uploaded.
  6. J

    I HAVE TWO ROLLEIFLEX, A LEICA Leitz M3, Hasselblad, and more

    Hello, My father has this vintage cameras that I'm looking to sell. I'm looking for someone interested or maybe someone that can help me to give me an idea of the best place in internet to sell them. I have two Rolleiflex, a Leica Leitz M3 chrome Double Stroke, one Hasselblad, and a Leica M3...
  7. P

    [Sell] Coupon code for $199.99 OFF a fathead custom canvas for sale for 127.99

    I won a contest and want to sell the code they gave me to buy a refurbished Big Jambox bluetooth speaker. 127.99 is the exact price so you can have it for that - so you'll save $72 on your canvas order. For example, a 36" x 48" custom canvas wrap is $179.99 but with a photo wrap edge and a black...