1. J

    Selling Brand New Fujifilm GFX 50s and 50r

    I'm selling an boxed Fuji GFX 50r and a 50s. Bought as backups for other systems and never unboxed or used. GFX 50s - £3100 GFX 50r - £2300
  2. MichaeltheAmateur

    I'm new -Hello and have a ? you've heard a million times

    Hey folks, Hope not to bore you with asking this same old question, you have heard 1000 times. My father in law passed away leaving behind 3 or 4 THOUSAND SLR cameras and various lens. There was so much gear that I couldn't move it all so some of it was auctioned off with the other contents of...
  3. J

    Store On Picfair

    Hi, I've just joined this forum. I'm trying to get this off the ground, so here's a link to the store I set up on Picfair:
  4. T

    My photography for sale!

    Nevermind wrong thread... sorry.
  5. B

    Thinking of selling my Olympus OM 4Ti....

  6. GreggS

    Mat Show Kits

    Does anyone have a recommendation for economical, reputable, and quality vendors for mat show kits (mat board, backing, bags). Best I can find online at the moment is Redimat, but curious if anyone has better options.
  7. washington

    Legal Question - Photographing scenic view on private property

    Hey all, I am curious on what laws are in place for photographing a scenic view (publicly) from a private property. (View out of a hotel window.) Will I need permission to sell the image from the place I took the photo from? Im not photographing anything on the private property, simply...