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Legal Question - Photographing scenic view on private property


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Oct 3, 2011
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Hey all,

I am curious on what laws are in place for photographing a scenic view (publicly) from a private property. (View out of a hotel window.) Will I need permission to sell the image from the place I took the photo from?

Im not photographing anything on the private property, simply shooting the view that I can see. However because I'm on private property where the image has been taken, do I need final permission to sell it?

I tried searching around and all I seem to find is taking photos on the private property of the actual property or taking photos of private property on public grounds. (if that wasn't confusing!)

Thanks all.

Unless the hotel provided you with a photography policy when you booked in, you are free to shoot from their window. (I am going by UK law)

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That is great information to hear. I will try to search their policies tonight.

Thank you both!

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