1. G

    What settings would work out better for me?

    Hi guys, I have been working as a photographer for nearly two years now, and recently something quite embarrassing happened to me. I met together with another photographer in order to shoot some pictures of each other, so we would both have some new content for our websites etc. When we took...
  2. S

    Canon AE-1 Action Settings Question

    I have a Canon AE-1 Program and I plan on going California to spend some time with some friends who all skateboard. I have never shot skateboarding and I was hoping I could get some advice on camera settings and technique. What would be the ideal settings for this camera? I will be shooting...
  3. S

    Settings schmettings

    I need help with my camera settings for a studio photo shoot of a group of small objects placed on a 24 x36” white background. I am using a Nikon D3400 with the stock lens from my old D60 (18-55mm). My goal is for the objects to be as clear and crisp as possible because I want it printed as a 24...
  4. P

    Sony A7Rii isn't keeping settings

    Hi, everybody! I have 2 Sony a7Rii that I set up and I am using to record videos for Youtube. But I decided, after a while, to change the settings. I've changed the recording format of the cameras to 50PFS. It turns out that whenever I turn on the cameras, I have to always be changing this...
  5. alex_ethridge

    Canon 80D Focus points-How do I reset them??

    Happy Hump Day!! I hope everyone is having an amazing week so far! I am booked up for the next few months so I am one happy camper!! :) Some of you may disagree, but, I really enjoy shooting in TV mode these days just to make sure I'm getting clear and crisp movement for lifestyle photos. I...
  6. marilyn777

    Macro Photography Help with my Fuji Finepix S5200

    Hello I'm a beginner with macro photography. I have only used the auto settings on my Fuji Film Finepix S5200. Recently I've wanted to branch out and explore the other settings on my camera like S, M, A. My special area of interest is macro. I have taken some pretty decent photos on auto but...
  7. T

    Water over ny head? Shooting portraits at a christmas ball for teens.

    My son's class is arranging this year's christmas ball, and I have agreed to be their photographer. The idea is that I'll be stationed "somewhere" and the teens will come to me. Which is fine, cause it means the conditions will be more or less constant. I don't yet know how this somewhere will...
  8. D

    Bird Photography; Always be Prepared with These Settings

    The camera settings below are designed specifically for bird photography using long lenses (400mm or more) and hand held technique. The settings were designed to allow all types of bird photography without sacrificing anything and without having to change settings other than exposure while in...
  9. BoudieTog

    The big picture!

    Morning fellow photogs! First time on the forums so I can't wait to see all the amazing work and learn from everyone. My question is about prints. Large prints in particular. If I know that I want to print a 16x20 canvas, what do I need to be doing in camera to get the perfect print outcome? I...
  10. O

    recreating this look with digital camera and vsco film preset? Please help!

    Hey there! This is my first thread on this website, so please correct if this is the right place to post this photo. Anyway, I saw a photograph recently of the musician J.cole, I checked out the photographers other worked and I fell in love with it! From what ive determined he takes most of his...
  11. Ravenskydancer

    Hi I'm Raven Sky and new to Sony

    Need suggestions to determine when my new a77 is properly focused in manual mode. Tips appreciated.
  12. U

    Cake Smash Tips??

    Hey, I'm doing my first cake smash photo shoot tomorrow (I'm doing my cousins kids 1st birthday) & I was wondering what's the best camera setting to use? I've read to use f11 but I've only seen that on 1 post & now i can't seem to find it & I haven't seen many other opinions out there.... If...
  13. OhioGuy

    ~ D5200 Expert Custom Settings ~

    I recently purchased a D5200, upgraded from a D40. Looking for advice from experienced D5200 photographers on what camera settings to adjust from default to make your shooting experience more productive. I personally shoot in RAW format. I've looked into the Ken Rockwell online setups and...