Sony A7Rii isn't keeping settings

Discussion in 'Sony Cameras' started by petjordan, Nov 1, 2018.

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    Hi, everybody!

    I have 2 Sony a7Rii that I set up and I am using to record videos for Youtube. But I decided, after a while, to change the settings. I've changed the recording format of the cameras to 50PFS.
    It turns out that whenever I turn on the cameras, I have to always be changing this information again, and on the second camera I still have to always switch the focus from manual to automatic.
    How do I turn on the cameras and keep the last settings?

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    Well let's start with the most basic: Are they both using the same firmware version?

    Also what are the lenses being used? Are there firmware updates for the lenses?

    Have you tried swapping the lenses and seeing if the operation changes with the lenses, or is it the bodies?

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