1. P

    Why do my videos not look as good as professional examples I've seen? Screenshots attached

    i got this screenshot clip from aa yt video and i want to replicate it. im thinking it has to do with post production. in any case most video are clean and crisp/sharp and i am unable to get that in my own videos on a dslr even with all the lighting set up. what am i missing?
  2. odagled

    24-70mm softer than 35-70mm at 70mm?

    Has anyone noticed that their 24-70mm is soft at 70mm? I bring this up because I noticed that my GF's 35-70mm is sharper @ 70mm than my 24-70mm both at f/2.8. I had the lens repaired in March but only noticed this recently. I will have another 24-70mm to compare in a week. Until then, anyone...
  3. L

    Help sharpening image

    I have an 8 image panorama I'm working on shot with a Canon T2i in raw. My issue is that one of the images is out of focus. I've been trying my best to fix it using photoshops sharpening tools and the hi-pass filter trick but I'm having no luck getting it to look good. Retaking the image is...