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Help sharpening image


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Dec 16, 2015
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I have an 8 image panorama I'm working on shot with a Canon T2i in raw. My issue is that one of the images is out of focus. I've been trying my best to fix it using photoshops sharpening tools and the hi-pass filter trick but I'm having no luck getting it to look good. Retaking the image is not an option unfortunately. When all said and done, this will be printed out at full resolution, so sharpness is very critical. I realize the image is a bit dark as I haven't adjusted curves or any of that. Would some like to give it a shot and see if they could do any better on making this sharp and look good? Contact me and we can work out the logistics of uploading the original raw file. Thanks.
I did a little curves adjustment then duplicated the layer twice and did an unsharp mask filter at amount 15 and Radius 45 on the fist layer and the second layer I did an amount 45 and radius 15.
Sharpening is not there to fix 'out of focus'. The only cure for 'out of focus' is to take the shot again. If you try to use the unsharp mask you will get halos around everything and accentuated noise.

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Maybe have a look at this software to minimise the halo effect.
It might achieve a look you can live with.

Focus Magic

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