sony a7r ii

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    Pro photographer with iPhone vs beginner with expensive DSLR

    This might seem like a dumb question, but as a beginner, do you think gear is more important? Do you think expensive gear makes a difference to a beginner photographer? I'm asking because I came across this video on YouTube this morning. I thought it made a strong point about the gear we use...
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    Upgrading camera

    Hello everybody, past days (maybe weeks) I have been researching into which camera I should buy. I have just Canon EOS 600D and I need to step up. I shoot a lot of still photography, product photography, portraits and I am getting into weddings and celebrations. Big part of my work goes into...
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    how do professionals get these results ?

    Hello, first I would like to mention english is not my first language so please excuse any grammar mistakes. I am an aspiring photographer working and learning everyday to be better to start my photography business. First time I held my camera (D5200) and took a few pictures and looked at them...
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    Quick Shift Bounce Flash HVL-F43M

    Hello everyone I need a flash for my A7rii and I'm not sure wether I should buy the HVL-F43M or the HVL-F32M. The only thing that's keeping me from buying the 32 instead of the 43 is the Quick Shift Bounce feature. I heard it's a good feature if you shoot a lot in Portrait mode. Unfortunately...