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Feb 11, 2016
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Hello everyone

I need a flash for my A7rii and I'm not sure wether I should buy the HVL-F43M or the HVL-F32M.

The only thing that's keeping me from buying the 32 instead of the 43 is the Quick Shift Bounce feature. I heard it's a good feature if you shoot a lot in Portrait mode. Unfortunately I couldn't find any images on the internet to see the difference between a Portrait shot with Quick Shift Bounce and one without. Is it such a big difference that I should relinquish the size and weight of the 32 and buy the more expensive 43?

On the one hand I really want a compact and lightweight flash but on the other I'm planning on using the flash mainly for shooting people with it in Portrait mode (with the flash in 90 degrees pointed directly on the subject).

I hope someone has tested both and can tell if there is such a big difference.

Thanks in advance for any help.


never looked at that before but now wish all my speedlights had that ability...
I don't think there's much (if any) difference in the quality of light. The 32 turns to portrait mode very easily, it's just that the entire screen doesn't turn like that. I guess is you don't like turning your head to read the screen in portrait mode, it might help...you have to turn your head to read the camera, though, because that doesn't switch. Usually the biggest selling point for the 43 is the modeling light, if you need that.

I'm have the 32 and I'm very happy with the size and power of it. If I ever get the 43, it would be to use as an off camera flash. The 32 is a much better fit for my a6000 since it's so small and light.

If you need more power, there is always the Nissin i40, which people swear by. I use the 20 as a commander to the 32 for off camera work, so I've never tried the Nissin, but it's worth a look.
Thanks for your reply!
I too can't really imagine a big difference in light or shadow but I was a bit unsure after reading this on the internet:

'The Quick Shift Bounce system allows flash head position to be adjusted instantly when switching between horizontal and vertical compositions. This maintains consistent shadow positions regardless of camera orientation, allowing easy creation of natural-looking ‘bounce’ effects.'

I really don't get it... As if all the flashes without that function haven't got consistent shadow positions.. Well I guess I'll buy the 32 since I'm also not planning on using the movie light...
Compared to the f20m or the pop-up flash, that's a valid review. And considering it was probably written before the f32m came out, it makes sense.

But basically, it's a cool feature if you don't mind the added weight and cost, but the 32 can be used in the portrait position very easily.
That makes sense, thanks!
I'm definitely getting the 32.
Looked at the B&H comparison page and noted a few things:

HVL-F43M or the HVL-F32M
The 32 uses 2-AA batteries, the 43 uses 4 AA batteries.

GN of the 32 is 105 at 105mm zoom

GN of the 43 is 141 at 105mm zoom

Just a bit more than 2/3 of a stop more power for the 43. But a flash of this price that uses only TWO AA-batteries? No thank you.

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