sony a7s iii

  1. D

    HELP: Aperture goes wide open when camera just turned on, but aperture read out is different (F11)

    Before anything, I use Sony A7S III with samyang/rokiron f2.8 24 mm. I use manual or "movie" mode which is essentially also manual just for video. So as I stated in the title, when I turn on my camera, aperture instantly goes wide open, which is not what is showed on the screen (either I have...
  2. JWMFilms

    What features can Sony actually put on the A7s III?

    With the A7iii at $2000 and the new FS5M2 at $5200, what features can Sony actually put on the A7s III that separates it from the other A7 line of cameras. I’m assuming it will have all of the A7iii features like great auto focus, the newer body design, and slow-mo 1080p120. But, I don't know...