1. richvulpix

    FOR SALE: Sony Alpha A7 + FE 28mm F/2 + Viltrox F/2 35mm (Price drop: 1500$)

    Sony Alpha A7 (Shutter around 5000+-) + FE 29mm F/2 + Viltrox F/2 35mm Comes with original boxes. (Camera was bought in UK) Location: Toronto I'm open to offers. Price: 2000$
  2. NedM

    Should I trade-in my Canon 5DM2 for a Sony A7/A7ii?

    As the title suggests, I have been wanting to switch over from Canon to Sony for some time now. I currently own a Canon 5DM2, but I am getting tired of the lack of features/updates it lacks in comparison to Sony's A7. For instance, the Sony A7 has 117 focus point as opposed to my 5DM2's mere 9...