1. camlo5

    My local photo group has meet ups - VietNamese

    Hi Guys! Nice too meet you ! I'm Local Photographer in VietNam . I want to share you some picture of mine about My local photo group has meet ups ! Thanks for watching ^^
  2. Jethro1360

    off camera flash setup......?

    I hope I'm in the right section for this.... I have a Nikon d5100 and just bought a SB600 speedlight. I want to have an off camera setup but not sure if they're compatible with my camera. I'm looking at these...
  3. Timppa

    Sb700 or Sb910

    Hi! I wanted to continue another thread of mine that went bit oftopic (from lens to flash). I want to buy my first flash, I have read so much about the sb700 and 910 , I don't know what to choose! I can basicly get them for the same money (used, around 200eur). So, money is not the problem. The...
  4. D

    Shooting ETTL with a A7III camera

    Hi guys! My gear is the following: Sony a73 (Camera) + Godox TT685S (Speedlight) + Godox XProS TTL (Wireless flash trigger) I use flash in my portrait photography all the time. In dark environment, sometimes the flash output is too strong, even at minimal power (1/256), and my subject is...
  5. D

    Help needed with remote flash

    Hey guys! I'm testing out the remote setting on my SB-700 with my Nikon D-7100. I have the flash and camera on the same channel and the flash goes off remotely just fine, but for some reason the shutter doesn't take the photo at the same time as the flash. The flash will go off, but my photos...
  6. T

    Water over ny head? Shooting portraits at a christmas ball for teens.

    My son's class is arranging this year's christmas ball, and I have agreed to be their photographer. The idea is that I'll be stationed "somewhere" and the teens will come to me. Which is fine, cause it means the conditions will be more or less constant. I don't yet know how this somewhere will...
  7. A

    For sale: Nikon SB800 Speedlight -- $220 OBO

    Great condition. Fully functioning. Selling because I am moving to mirrorless system. PayPal accepted only. NIKON SB800 Speedlight. Includes original case, battery pack, stand, filters, diffuser. $220 includes worldwide shipping.
  8. shadowlands

    AmazonBasics Speedlight

    I ordered the AmazonBasics speedlight for $24.00. Pretty darn good as a manual or slave. Glad I ordered it. It works well. Very simple to use. Don't yet know about the battery life yet. My eneloops are for my SB-900, so the AmazonBasics gets my other crappy rechargeable batteries, ha!
  9. A

    580EX II + YN-568EX II

    I have an easy question I think. I now use two Canon 580EX II speedlights together with Yongnuo radio triggers. (YN622C II and YN622C-TX transmitter) which works perfect. What I would like to know is if two Yongnuo 568EX II flashes would work the same way together with the Canon flashes and the...
  10. A

    Before I buy my first softbox (help needed)

    Hi guys, if you could help me with this, I would be very grateful, thank you. Wanting to take my images to the next level, I looked into softboxes and found this big beauty on ebay for €60. It's Godox 120cm/47", with grid: GODOX 120cm / 47" Octagon Softbox With Honeycomb Grid For Studio Flash...
  11. Saufxdx

    Nikon SB-500 and D810 issues

    So I just received my Nikon SB-500 speed light flash today and I am using a Nikon D810. I configured my built in flash to work as a commander works great but am not able to disable the in built camera flash to fire. When I want to trigger my SB-500 off camera, my camera flash also triggers...
  12. B

    Canon 6D with Pocket Wizard

    Hey y'all! I am trying to order the correct Pocket Wizard cable for my second shooter who has a Canon 6D. I want to make sure I order the correct cable. I'm not sure if the correct cable is even an option here. I've attached an image from the Borrow Lenses website below. These are the cable...
  13. L

    Speedlight for Nikon D5200

    Hi. What is the best low budget flash for nikon D5200? Is Yongnuo YN-568EX compatible with nikon d5200? Thanks :)
  14. C

    YN568EX problem

    My YN568EX speedlights are emitting three quick flashes when I press down on the shutter before the shutter finally activates. I can't figure out why or if I'm stuck in some mode I can't get out of. This happens regardless of them being in the hotshoe or triggered remotely. Any help would be...
  15. R

    Help with flash gels...

    Hello - Flash gels are something new for me but I've realized their benefit and need some insight from more experienced users. I do not use flash for every shot....I use a reflector when I can but there are often times I can't reflect light and need the speed light for fill. I shoot raw and use...
  16. mkauer

    How Do You Setup Off Camera Flash for a Nikon D3300?

    Hey, I've been trying to setup an off-camera flash with my Altura speedlight (full kit with remote and trigger), but I can't find the settings on my Nikon D3300 to make it the "commander." I've attached the trigger to the hotshoe of my camera, and I've attached the remote to my speedlight. But...