star trails

  1. Destin

    I got photobombed by Mars last night!

    Went to Letchworth State Park last night and was shooting some star trails. Just happened to capture Mars moving across the sky as well! Shot on the X-T3 with the 10-24 f/4. 34 separate two minute exposures, each shot at iso 1600 and f/5.6. Images blended in StarStax. Star Trails at...
  2. Destin

    Night Life!

    Decided to pass up the bar scene last night to go take photos this morning. These were taken in Castile, NY around 0400hrs this morning.. much more my kind of night life! Feedback welcome! 1.) 2.)
  3. birdbonkers84

    Dunnideer Castle thing with star trails

    1. 56 x 30s Dunnideer Castle Ruin Star Trails by Mark Coull, on Flickr 2. 109 x 30s Dunnideer 109 by Mark Coull, on Flickr On Saturday night me and a friend climbed the Dunnider hill (near Insch) to shoot some star trails with the ruins of the castle thing. It was around -7, our drinks...
  4. nerwin

    Anyone here at TPF used/own the Rokinon 24mm f/1.4?

    I really want to step up my milky way and star trail shots, I live in Vermont so very little if any light pollution where I am so I have really good view of the milky way. I've taken some decent shots with my 50 1.8 but its just too much tele and I really want something wider and fast..but...
  5. Corpus-photo

    Workflow for image mosaic/stacks

    I typically shoot in raw, edit in LR5 (capture sharpening, WB, tone adjustments, etc.) and then import into CS6 for further editing (convert to TIFF, creative sharpening, further tonal adjustments). I like to do all of the initial capture sharpening and tonal adjustments in camera raw before the...