still life

  1. mdsphotography

    C&C and Vote on which on you like the best, if any, and why?

    Greetings, The following four photos are all of the same still life entitled: "The Chips are Down". Each has been edited in different ways and manners and I like each in their own way. As an amateur photographer I like and appreciate others thoughts and C&C. Thus this Poll. Thanks in advance...
  2. S

    Background colour; Different on all images even though same exact settings

    Hey! I have this problem that keeps coming up. I am currently taking photos of artwork in studio. All the photos were taken with exact same lighting/camera settings and all photos were batched in lightroom. Why am I getting such different outcomes in exposure/white balance? I have been told...
  3. K

    Continuous Lighting

    Hi, I am new to studio photography and have recently purchased a Lowel Omni to do some still life shots. However, I am not very pleased with the Omni as the 230V bulbs are really expensive, fragile and and in general, the omni seems to have problem with arcing and should not be moved when lit...
  4. PersistentNomad

    Found Still Life in Maine

    I went to my boyfriend's family's island in Maine for the first time this past summer, these are some of the things I saw in the (very old) cabins.
  5. Zhar_Ptitca

    Nature Morte

    I took this one on Pakleni Islands in Croatia, while lagging behind every bush and stone for some lizard pictures. I am a total noob when it comes to camera settings of any kind, I know nothing about composition and I mostly operate on my natural instinct and an AUTO setting on my Nikon D5100.
  6. P

    Any suggestions for nifty tricks to get the best quality still life with DSLR?

    For still life photography are there any nifty tricks I could learn about to get the absolute best quality possible or any other camera addons that would be suggested? I am already using the lowest iso setting. Exposure time is no issue. Should I look into HDR, merging lots of images? Also any...
  7. Didereaux

    Garden Still Life