1. H

    Solution for gear carrying setup (harness) on weddings/events

    Hi! My routine is shooting events with one camera with 35 or 85 lens on a neck strap and with other lens(es) and backup camera in a bag over my shoulder. I know that it is not the most comfortable way of working for a whole day and that's why I decided that I would invest in a different...
  2. N

    Best camera strap

    If you are interested in upgrading the kit camera strap and having a truly unique camera setup then check us out online. We handmake each leather camera strap and wil Laurent stand out among the sea of photographers out there. Send us an email or check us out online. Discounts are available...
  3. nerwin

    Anyone here at TPF have the Peak Design Slide?

    I'm always trying to find better ways to carry my DSLR. I've been through many straps and I always end up using my Black Rapid straps but the only thing I really dislike about the Black Rapid straps is how it causes the camera to flop around when walking and constantly banging on my side. Its...