Solution for gear carrying setup (harness) on weddings/events

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    My routine is shooting events with one camera with 35 or 85 lens on a neck strap and with other lens(es) and backup camera in a bag over my shoulder. I know that it is not the most comfortable way of working for a whole day and that's why I decided that I would invest in a different solution.

    I gathered some feedback and the most positive opinions guided me toward a camera harness. I know that the best way to go would be a dual harness with 2 cameras on the sides, one with 35 and other with 85 nut unfortunately, my budget does not allow me to invest in a second body at the moment.

    Here are some of my ideas:
    1. Single Harness + TriLens/Lens Cycler on a belt
    (Con: exposed lenses)
    2. Dual Harness; camera on one side and lens pouch on the other
    (Con: pouch swinging)
    3. Dual Harness + GoWing Lens Flipper instead of one camera
    (Con: exposed lenses swinging)

    Additional needs:
    It would be awesome if the solution would have an option for adding some king of small bag on the back (or something similar) for a small backup camera and/or a cleaning set, batteries.

    I would like to ask if anyone had experience with those kinds of sets and is able to give me a brief review.

    Here are some ideas that inspired me: cam-gear


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