1. A

    Nikon FM10 viewfinder goes blank

    Hi, I've recently purchased a used Nikon fm10, it came with the lens, nikkor zoom but I'm having some problem with the viewfinder and the aperture of the lens, everytime I took some picture the viewfinder will goes black and it wont return for until the next 2 or 3 frame unless I turn the lens a...
  2. E

    camera help

    Hello, I have a Canon Sure Shot 76 zoom and it breaks my heart to say that i dropped it the other day. that's when my camera stopped working; everytime i pressed the shutter button, it wouldn't take a picture. it felt as thought the button was jammed, or couldnt go all the way down. So i took...
  3. odagled

    24-70mm stuck zoom

    As the title says, my 24-70mm is stuck. It won't zoom out and is stuck at 70mm now. This happened during a wedding but I was alright as I had the 35-70mm as backup. I'm going to send it in to get fixed but was just curious. What would cause the lenses to get stuck? Anyone have any experience...
  4. P

    Photography Ideas

    Hello everybody, I want everyone here to share some photo ideas that can be done at home. I hope everybody will like this thread. Share your ideas down! :) :)