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Dec 23, 2015
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Hello everybody,
I want everyone here to share some photo ideas that can be done at home.
I hope everybody will like this thread.
Share your ideas down! :) :)
Crazy idea, might never have been, no guarantees. Take your camera with a wide-angle to normal lens, head into the bathroom, and try to take a self-portrait using the bathroom mirror! I think this idea's pretty radical, and so, again--NO guarantees that this will even work. Flash, or no flash, whatever works best for you.
Self-portraits, macro, lighting practice
Depending on your home, it could be limitless as to what you can do.
Turn off all the lights and use a small flashlight to illuminate something or someone.
Can you get the same person in a single shot twice without using PS or a camera double exposure feature? AND --- the background needs to look correctly exposed...............
Derrel I think flashing yourself in the bathroom is fine idea.

Just don't show us the pictures.

It's December 23 - take pictures of your Festivus pole.
Done at home:

Incense smoke, an off camera speedlight, some editing in Ps.

Smoky Joe


4th of July




The Rose




Sheets of sketching paper, thumbtacks, foam board and a single off camera hot shoe flash unit.

Paper Waves

First, take a common ordinary household object (a lamp, a can opener, a fork, a pen) and find 30 different ways to shoot it. No, post-production doesn't count. You can do this with almost anything and it's a great way to improve your perspective.

Second, look for particular shapes in your house (like "S" curves...either natural ones or created by laying out beads or cooked spaghetti).

Third, shoot pictures with objects to illustrate key compositional principles (like: leading lines, or framing a focal point, or the use of negative space).

Fourth, practice you white balance expertise. Yeah, yeah, can shoot in RAW and then use PS to correct for some of it. But in this case, try to get it right in camera.

Fifth, shoot water drops.

Sixth, shoot ink in water.

Seventh, shoot shadow and light patterns that occur naturally.
I am thinking of documenting the dust in every room of the house and then do a retrospective of dog nose art on the patio door window.

Seriously, there are always things to find, play with creating backdrops on a table and then shoot things like toys, bottles, glasses with different colored liquids. Vary the lighting to find what works best. If you have pet go for it. If you have a significant other go for a shot then run like heck.

But most of all have fun

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