studio photography

  1. A

    Good 35mm in-studio situation/ using an external flash.

    Hey! I am looking for a new 35 mm camera that I can use with my Mamiya rz67 in studio situations with flash. Until now I have been using my Pentax me super, but I have been dealing with lack of sharpens in the lens and issues with the shutter sync. I really want to invest in a new 35 mm, that...
  2. rakicko

    Cute moment

    Portrait of a cute girl smiling by Creative Vision, on Flickr
  3. S

    Settings schmettings

    I need help with my camera settings for a studio photo shoot of a group of small objects placed on a 24 x36” white background. I am using a Nikon D3400 with the stock lens from my old D60 (18-55mm). My goal is for the objects to be as clear and crisp as possible because I want it printed as a 24...
  4. Nikolay

    Actress headshot portrait

    Hello fellow portraitures ;) I'd like to share an image from my latest work, involving photographing an actress headshot in a studio .
  5. Nikolay

    Quartet portrait

    An image from a studio portrait photography session with four sisters. The idea was to capture a "creative" expression of their charters in sort of interactive way - it was a last moment art direction. Not sure of the success of the idea and execution of the concept , but this is the result...
  6. MariHarris

    Charme En Soie

    New shot! Please let me know what you think. :1247: