Good 35mm in-studio situation/ using an external flash.


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Feb 5, 2022
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Hey! I am looking for a new 35 mm camera that I can use with my Mamiya rz67 in studio situations with flash.

Until now I have been using my Pentax me super, but I have been dealing with lack of sharpens in the lens and issues with the shutter sync. I really want to invest in a new 35 mm, that works good in the studio. I mostly shoot medium format, but because of its price, I want to look into other alternatives.
I have colleagues loving the Nikon f3. But because of its hot-shoe, I am not sure it's a convenient alternative for me.

looking forward to hear your recommendations.

Thank you
I use a PC sync cord with my F3.
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Andy, don't know if this could work for you or if you even have an interest in not being so primitive.
I still shot 35mm film on occasion in the studio when I want that certain look.
In the past I've used my aging Spotmatic with a 50mm and same with my favorite Contax 137 with the built-in electric film advance. But I'm shooting portraits I'm always thinking I'd like to get a more specialized portrait lens but never do.
Digitally I shoot with a high mp Canon setup and a full complement of L lenses. I have a lens for every occasion.
About 5 years ago the light bulb went on, "ping", why am I beating myself up? I don't shoot film to satisfy some primordial film urge, I use it simply for the look not the experience.
So I got me a Canon EOS 1n. That was Canons first EOS pro film camera with AF. Being EOS I can use ALL of my full complement of modern L lenses and flash triggers etc.
So as long as I match my film speed to my dslr ISO I shoot the same lenses at the same apertures interchangeably etc. My film work has now caught up to my dslr in equipment and modernization.

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