1. B

    New Photography Teacher

    Hi, I'm starting to teach a new high school photography class this fall for the first time. I've been hunting around for any tips or pointers, I figure there has to be other photography teachers out there somewhere haha. If any of you teach photography I'd really appreciate it you could share...
  2. E

    Photography Teaching Job

    Hi, I work for Camp Winnebago, a boy's camp in Maine and we are looking for an individual to teach photography for the next 8 weeks. Our program is film based teaching camera use and darkroom skills. The contract is for approximately $2000 including travel to Maine and back as well as room and...
  3. emmetiphotography

    Hello from Italy

    Hello from Italy, I'm a part-time freelance photographer. This place seems rally awesome! I've created this account in order to improve my English talking about a thing I know quite well. Here in Italy I teach to beginners and I take little workshops about specific topics like lighting...