1. P

    CanonUK Live Chat

    Have anybody heard about Canon new live chat in the UK, I needed help with choosing my camera, (been thinking of going mirrorless for a while) and found a link to the chat. It was great was able to get my questions answered and help me purchase my next camera. The link is
  2. P

    Canon Helpful Chat

    Seen this link on the other post and thought it'll be good for any people who have already got a Canon camera, it looks like Canon UK are offering a live chat, I use it the other day to help get a new lens, the people were really helpful the link is (no title)
  3. M

    Looking for pro to design & set up Pro Photo Editing System

    (If wrong section, please let me know) I need a professional tech to advise, design, set up, and calibrate a high-end Windows photo editing desktop for me. I have no idea how or where to look for such a person. Used to do such things for myself, but age and disabilities are making it...
  4. Alexander J.E. Bradley

    Is a full frame camera really worth it?

    Since I got my Nikon D7000 camera 6 years ago I’ve used it almost everyday. That is a lot of shutter clicks, 148,558 to be exact. So it looks like I will be in the market for a new camera soon as the D7000 is only factory tested to 150,000 clicks. My dilemma is should I go full frame, or stick...