1. O

    Great tips for beginneers' that we all can use

    Found an article that if you are struggling with your photography will help. It has great tips with real photo examples to illustrate the technique for those of us who need visual learning. I like the visualizing tip. Edit: *Please don't link to articles outside the forum. You may post...
  2. vato_loco

    Skin editing: how do you do it?

    Hey everyone! I recently read a couple of posts where the authors claimed that frequency separation was, like, so out right now you guys. Like omygod who even uses that anymore? But seriously, I didn't even know that techniques went out of style like fashion trends. It that a thing? It got me...
  3. Phillip Haumesser

    What is this technique?

    Hi, I'm new here and I'm fairly new to photography. My question is, what is the name of the technique that this photographer uses? Iwona I'm looking forward to your answers. Thanks in advance! Here is some of my work by the way! philliphaumesser